9 thoughts on “New release Zeroshell 3.9.0

  1. Hello !
    “The release for ARM platforms is coming soon.”:
    Does Odroid XU4 include? (¿incluye Odroid XU4?)

      1. (English Google Translation)
        Hello Fulvio!
        I am very sorry that you are not thinking about Odroid XU4. The hardware seems to me much superior to RPi. The XU4 has 8 cores, USB 3, Nic 100/1000, RAM 2G and eMMC. Or is there another reason not to take it into account?.

    1. These new embedded devices are interesting because have on-board an UMTS and LTE modem useful to build a Mobile router. At the moment I have not the hardware available to build an image for them. I hope to get them soon.

  2. Hello Fulvio,
    I upgraded one of my ESXi ZS VMs and after the upgrade I lost connectivity; over the console everything looks okay, but over the internet there is no connectivity, other VMs on the same hypervisor are online, and there’s no firewall. I tried adding other type virtual network adapters to the VM but I get no traffic or response. Please advise; everything was working before the 3.9.0 upgrade.

    1. I’m working about the Orange Pi images. Also in this case we will have a 4.14.x Kernel release.


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