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    mastershaper can shape incoming – outgoing traffic, and that program works with tc / iptables layer7 time route support

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    yeah, i undestand

    i don’t want route all to because i want all traffic pass throught, because in this nat ( – there is a firestarter firewall with some simple attack rules that i want

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    solved for the moment… almost in my virtual machines

    the problem was setting ETH00 and ETH01 in bridged mode with the same target (eth1 server debian)

    created a “false” br1 in my house without ip address and then selected this br1 in ETH01, bridge in ZS (vritualbox) and QoS perfect in a ip

    Thanks all

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    i think that i have forgot to say something important, let me show with a picture.

    This is the original scenario without ZS, a simple classic network:

    and this is the scenario wanted:

    all fine, lan clients can use internet, but all fine except the continuosly strange traffic between ETH00 and ETH01 in my Sun’s VirtualBox doing nothing. This causes a slowly internet access in the lan clients

    peharps this pictures will show the problem in my network

    thanks all

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    the slowless internet of lan clients it’s for that continuous traffic between ETH00 and ETH01 of ZS (doing nothing), this absurd traffic makes the network slowly.

    if i configure ZS in routed mode i don’t have this slowless problem, using a virtual machine of gateway and the clients go really fast.

    I only have this problem if i use Bridge mode

    there’s be something wrong in the configuration or something… i’m going really got crazy if fulvio don’t help me

    Thanks anyway

    PD: i have searched QoS in all in the documentation about pfSense but i don’t have finded anything

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    please help me with this matter fulvio, i promise a donation to you if i can go ahead with this matter, i want to use this software in my future networks

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    the statistics and slow internet connection in the lan clients problem persist with already QoS deactivated in the two interfaces (ETH00 and ETH01) ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

    the statictics problems is very very stange, the slow internet connection is for this continuosly traffic between ETH00 and ETH01, i’m sure

    I don’t have this problem in routed mode, but i need this bridged mode in the clients to mount squid with ip denies ๐Ÿ™„

    it must be the solution something basic or something complicated i think.

    the systems only goes crazy with the statistic and continuosly traffic when i create the bridge, not before

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    i have beta 11 mate, the “screen” are captured of the bridge flavio’s document, not my virtual machine

    my screen:

    statictics all the time incrementing… ๐Ÿ˜ฏ doing nothing

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    ok here it goes, the original config:

    Here i remove the ip

    i add the ip in the ETH00 interface

    adding ETH00 to the BRIDGE00

    here i see a error, but i can connect to the bridge ( without problem

    BRIDGE00 created with ip address, ETH01 HAS NO IP ADDRESS

    Then in the GUI interface, i add ETH01 WITHOUT IP ADDRESS to the BRIDGE00

    with “Main GATEWAY” configured in zeroshell ( the clients of the lan can use internet explorer, but tooooo much slowly! QoS don’t work too, also i have already the problem of statitistics show a continius outgoing traffic from eth00 and eth01 in the default class

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    ok m8, give me some time i am in the work right now


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    ok, i have configured BRIDGE00 with in the black screen of the virtual machine. then added ETH01 without an IP to the BRIDGE00 from GUI

    i have a strange problem, the statitistics show a continius outgoing traffic from eth00 and eth01 in the default class ยฟ why ?

    and the clients ( cannot open pages in internet explorer

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