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  • in reply to: rename ETHx with more descriptive labels (e.g WAN, LAN, DMZ) #49002

    I am not sure you would want to rename ETHxx to anything else because that’s what the system will see them as. Adding a label (like with VLAN’s) would be handy.


    in reply to: zeroshell on esxi 4.0, please help #48976

    Forget about the pre-configured VM’s, they are mostly for VMware Server. Use the .ISO image and make sure you upload the ISO to the datastore using the vSphere client.

    Edit the VM settings for the CD/DVD and make sure to select “Datastore ISO file” and “Connect at power on.”

    Last step is to check the VM BIOS by pressing F2 when you see the VMware Post screen (must be quick here) and make sure the boot order specifies to boot from CD first.

    From here on out, it will work just like Zeroshell on hardware!

    BTW in order to use VLAN’s inside a VM, you must select VLAN ID 4095 (VGT) on the Port Group associated.

    -J [/list]

    in reply to: Dansguardian for Zeroshell 1.0.beta12 #48246

    What patch upgrades to beta12? Specifically, from beta11b, which patches do I need to install (and in which order) to get first beta12 then DansGurdian online?



    in reply to: Dansguardian for Zeroshell 1.0.beta12 #48244

    Is this correct? I have installed several patches later than BA00, including C110. Do I still need to go back and install the much older patch?


    in reply to: Dansguardian for Zeroshell 1.0.beta12 #48242

    I have followed instructions precicely and install does not seem to be in place.
    My Zeroshell version was (possibly still is) 1.0.beta11b ran the following:

    root@access Database> wget http://www.zeroshell.net/listing/BA12-DansGuardian-Web-Content-Filter-
    --08:55:14-- http://www.zeroshell.net/listing/BA12-DansGuardian-Web-Content-Filter-
    => `BA12-DansGuardian-Web-Content-Filter-'
    Resolving www.zeroshell.net...
    Connecting to www.zeroshell.net[]:80... connected.
    HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
    Length: 324,115 [application/x-bzip2]

    100%[==================================================================================================================>] 324,115 145.15K/s

    08:55:17 (144.77 KB/s) - `BA12-DansGuardian-Web-Content-Filter-' saved [324115/324115]

    root@access Database> tar xvfj BA12-DansGuardian-Web-Content-Filter-
    root@access Database> cd BA12
    root@access BA12> ./install.sh
    Reading configuration ...
    Checking dependencies ...
    Extracting packages ...
    Running scripts ...
    Starting updater process for the release 1.0.beta11b ...
    --> Checking for installed updates:
    --> Replacing files ...
    --> Patching files ...
    --> Running scripts ...
    Syncing filesystem... Done
    Restarting proxy service...
    DansGuardian has been installed. Please, read the licensing notes
    at the URL http://dansguardian.org/?page=copyright2

    - The configuration files are located in /etc/dansguardian. For more details
    look at the URL http://www.zeroshell.net/eng/dansguardian ;

    - By default, the "Access Denied" messages are logged with the IP address of
    the clients. Take care to avoid to violate the privacy of the users.
    To change the log level, look at the configuration item "loglevel" in the
    file /etc/dansguardian/dansguardian.conf;

    - Keep in mind that DansGuardian works only if the transparent proxy service
    is enabled and the "HTTP Capturing Rules" are configured;

    - To tune the point of intervention of the filters, change the parameter
    "naughtynesslimit" in the file /etc/dansguardian/dansguardianf1.conf.

    And still, the GUI shows Release 1.0.beta11b .
    Also I don’t have a /etc/dansguardian directory!


    in reply to: Installing zeroshell on vmware #48223

    You are using a “2gbsparse” formatted disk which is not directly compatable with ESX. Just get the ISO, upload it to /tools/isoimages, and set CD/DVD Properties to “Connect at power on,” then, in the VM BIOS, make sure that the CD is set as the first boot device.

    Alternatly, you could convert the 2gbsparse disk with the vmware converter or at the command line of your ESX server (don’t quote me on this, I am not in front of my ESX server to try it) I believe the command is:

    vmkfstools -i /vmfs/volumes/volumename/vmname.srcDisk.vmdk -d thick /vmfs/volumes/volumename/vmname/destdisk.vmdk


    in reply to: Trouble accessing Zeroshell admin from WAN #47623

    Sure. Couple Days..

    in reply to: Trouble accessing Zeroshell admin from WAN #47621

    I have a fairly heavily configured Zeroshell: 4 NIC’s, HP DL380, 100’s of clients, captive portal, 5 DHCP scopes, QoS, 5 VLAN’s, etc.. Let me know if I can help to test/validate in any way.

    in reply to: Seem to have lost default gateway #47619

    Still working great. This is an awesome appliance, thank you!


    in reply to: Net Balancer #47027

    I think Zeroshell is awesome, thank you!
    Even though I should have known better, it was the hint in this post to add BOTH Wan interfaces to NAT in the routing section that seems to have done the trick.


    in reply to: VLAN’s, Zeroshell and an Intel Pro 100 Dual NIC #47350

    The problem definately occurrs between the VM (Zeroshell) and the host (ESX 3.5). I was able to test my switch with a borrowed 802.1q router and vlans definately work.

    While I did discover that on ESX Server in order to pass VLAN’s along to the guest OS, one must specify a vlan ID of 4095 on the Port Group containing the VM, http://www.vmware.com/pdf/esx3_vlan_wp.pdf that has been done ans still no luck.

    One thing I noticed is that the two Broadcom NIC’s on my ESX are running a driver called tg3 and the two Intel NIC’s are running an e1000 driver, but the VM (Zeroshell) itself sees: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] 79c970 [PCnet32 LANCE] (rev 10) . Could the virtual NIC driver be causing Zeroshell not to pass along tagged packets?

    in reply to: Using Zeroshell on VMware ESX Server. #47225

    You know, I think you may be right! It’s always the simplest things. Thanks.


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