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    Okay, I have the results…but they aren’t very helpful…at least to me.

    That command results in the cursor just sitting there and never returning to a prompt. No errors are ever returned.

    Any ideas from that?

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    Oh crud!

    Let me try that again later…

    After trying to login as root to my SUSE box for the last 15 minutes I…uhhh…think I tried that last command from the wrong SSH window…because I changed the password too…and somehow that’s what it took to login to SUSE ๐Ÿ™„

    I’ll let you know the REAL results of that command later.


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    There aren’t any files in /usr/local/bin but it looks like it exists in /usr/bin.

    # /usr/bin/ldapadd -x -h -D “cn=Manager,dc=testnet,dc=net” -w AdminPassword

    I also tried with -W which prompted me for the LDAP password. No matter how I typed it in (wrong or right password) I get:

    ldap_bind: Can’t contact LDAP server (-1)

    Is it the password associated with root or the admin user? I changed the root password so I could login through SSH.

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    Thanks. I have a log now –but I can’t tell what’s wrong looking through it:

    [Nov 25 09:20,10] Successfully executed
    [Nov 25 09:20,10] Executing /usr/local/bin/ldapadd -x -h -D”cn=Manager,dc=testnet,dc=net” -w /tmp/shell_o9442 2>/tmp/kerbynet.err.9442
    [Nov 25 09:20,10] ERROR:
    [Nov 25 09:20,10] MSG=%26nbsp;Nov+25+09:01,17+ERROR:+%26nbsp;while%26nbsp;adding%26nbsp;%26quot;uid=test,ou=People,dc=testnet,dc=net%26quot;
    [Nov 25 09:20,10]  while adding "uid=test,ou=People,dc=testnet,dc=net"
    [Nov 25 09:20,10] %26nbsp;Nov+25+09:20,10+ERROR:+%26nbsp;while%26nbsp;adding%26nbsp;%26quot;uid=test,ou=People,dc=testnet,dc=net%26quot;
    [Nov 25 09:20,10] Executing /usr/local/bin/ldapsearch -LLL -x -h -b “ou=Group,dc=testnet,dc=net” “(cn=*)” cn gidNumber > /tmp/shell_o9442 2>/tmp/kerbynet.err.9442
    [Nov 25 09:20,10] Successfully executed
    [Nov 25 09:20,11] URL: STk=52af19c952a30f7275084af5d9079b39a4ed1e5f&Action=Render&Object=log&msg0=%26nbsp;Nov+25+09:20,10+ERROR:+%26nbsp;while%26nbsp;adding%26nbsp;%26quot;uid=test,ou=People,dc=testnet,dc=net%26quot;&msg1=%26nbsp;Nov+25+09:01,17+ERROR:+%26nbsp;while%26nbsp;adding%26nbsp;%26quot;uid=test,ou=People,dc=testnet,dc=net%26quot; Section: Action: Render Object: log
    [Nov 25 09:20,11] Admin

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    I must be missing something.

    After I finally remembered how to use vi ๐Ÿ™‚ I was able to set and save DEBUG=2.

    It won’t create the log in var/log even after the error happens when adding a user.

    Do I have to reload something in order for the configuration change to work?

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    That did the trick. Looks good so far.

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    Is there an easy way to copy the ifconfig? It’s lengthy and I can’t SSH to the server.

    Changing the IP address by using dhclient to get a DHCP address is the issue because I can change the admin password before I cange the IP and not after.

    route shows: GW GW GW
    All on ETH00

    ifconfig is basically:

    dummy0 no IP
    dummy1 no IP

    So, the difference I see is that I think the dummy used to be the IP subnet you gave me for the KDC….after the dhclient it looks like it resets the dummy0 so there is no longer an associated IP?

    Thanks for the help!

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    I get no response from the IP or the hostname.

    I get the Cannot contact any KDC… error on the kinit.

    Is this because I had to use another IP address for the server? I saw another post that stated the IP had been changed but I think you didn’t mention that was the issue.

    I did a dhclient to get an IP on my network.

    I have an odd ifconfig:

    ETH00 –< I get to the admin web GUI here.
    ETH00:00 –< I thought I overwrote that with DHCP but instead it added :00

    Is there a proper way to grab a dhcp or assign a static that will work on my subnet?


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    Maybe this bit of info helps:

    I can’t change the admin password from the server either.

    I get a kpasswd: cannot contact any KDC error of some sort.

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