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  • in reply to: Port profile between two zeroshell devices #66203

    Subsequent to above post, I stumbled upon the following thread that is similar to my objective

    Transferring Zeroshell Profile

    I will give it a shot.

    in reply to: Zeroshell developer version or SVN repository ? #51395

    Hi Fulvio,

    Please post your modified kernel package for 2.0RC1?

    Similar to this package for 1.0

    I am using the ALIX image. However, I find that the ALIX LEDs are not enabled by default and thus I am unable to set the LEDs at all.

    With your modified kernel source for 3.4.6, I could configure and build a custom kernel for my ALIX boards.

    — Arun Khan

    in reply to: Release 2.0.RC1: how to restore a backup? #52434

    @gregor wrote:


    today i play with zeroshell because i want to replace a old cisco pix.
    problem: i made a backup but i don’t find a way how to restore that backup file

    how can i restore a backup?


    Give details of how you made the backup.

    — Arun Khan

    in reply to: How to add New Modules #52451

    ZS is a specialized distro for router/GW functionality.

    I would suggest that you run your application citrus.db in a separate machine.

    in reply to: problem with file /etc/hosts after reboot #52452

    @biga wrote:

    When i reboot the file /etc/hosts the file lost my entry.
    I must edit the file hosts because i solve the name that non implemented in the dns like this
    (an exalmple ip) (host name)
    after reboot the system the file lost this line

    How to add this entry in the file after reboot the system?

    The “root” file system is created in a ram disk; it is created afresh when you boot ZS. Therefore your /etc/hosts will be overwritten with the ZS default, in the next boot.

    For persistence, you can create a file, with the “extra” entries to your requirements, somewhere in the third partition (the DB partition) and you can link /etc/hosts to it using a post boot script. Make sure that you copy over ZS’s entries into this file as well, for it’s own operation!

    rm /etc/hosts
    ln -sf /DB/path/name/to/my.etc.hosts /etc/hosts

    In the Web UI:

    — Arun Khan

    in reply to: How to turn off swap in ZS 1.0b14 #51720

    @knura wrote:

    Is there a way to disable swap?

    I am new to ZS and learning about it’s administration as I am going through it’s configuration – both from WebIF and CLI (ssh and serial console).

    I figured out how to turn off swap:


    SYSTEM > Starup/Cron

    1. In the Scripting Editor select “Post Bootup”
    2. Add “/etc/init.d/swap stop” (w/o the quotes)
    3. Test and Save

    — Arun Khan

    in reply to: How To rebuild kernel into b14 document #51591

    @rda wrote:

    … snip …

    I update kernel for b14 download

    Thanks for the great work.

    FWIW, the above image can also be used for ALIX boards, with minor modifications to the grub.conf and menu.lst files for “serial” console.

    I need the newer kernel to try out an Wi-Fi card that works with kernel 2.6.32 and later.

    I took the easy way out and simply copied the grub.conf and menu.lst files from the ALIX .img file into the above. The .img files are compatible with Linux KVM (qemu).

    Here are the steps:

    1. Startup Linux KVM with a Rescue CD, I used SystemRescueCD. (Include the .img file as a hard disk in the KVM).
    2. mkdir /mnt/sda1.
    3. Mount /dev/sda1 on /mnt/sda1 (the /boot partition)
    4. scp the grub.conf and menu.lst files (obtained from the stock 1.0b14 ALIX image) into /mnt/sda1/grub/ directory.
    5. Shutdown the Linux KVM
    6. dd the update .img file to a CF
    7. Install the CF on the ALIX board and boot

    — Arun Khan


    @aemarx wrote:

    im not sure if this help you. I set my default gateway at

    SYSTEM > Setup > Network > Gateway(button) .

    Thanks. Your method does work.

    However, I was expecting that a definition of a “static route” entry under
    NETWORK > Router > Default GW also to be brought “up” at boot time.

    Another method that works for me:
    In the definition of a new “profile”, enter an IP number in the “GW” field. It must be on the same subnet of the interface. Later it can changed to route through any other interface.

    — Arun Khan

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