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  • in reply to: Incompatability with ZeroShell 3.3.2 #53837

    thanks truthahn, it’s working fine now with v2.1
    much appreciated.

    in reply to: Captive Portal User Disconnect #52712

    first, Authenticator Validity of 60 minutes is way too high……set it at 2 minutes.
    second, when they login a popup box will pop up showing their statistics…DO NOT CLOSE THIS POPUP WINDOW, closing this causes the system to log/disconnect you off after 2 minutes
    To disconnect from from the admin, goto Captive Portal, select the user from the Connected Client list and click disconnect.

    in reply to: Zeroshell CaptivePortal not working #52716

    There are solutions out there for this.
    Here is my solution:

    Login as admin

    goto Router –> NAT

    On the NAT popup page, move ETH00 and ETH01 from Available Interfaces to NAT Enabled Interfaces, then save it and close it.

    goto DHCP and click on the New button and create a network on the New DHCP Subnet definition window that pops up(select ETH01).
    After creating the network, with the network now showing in the subnet, In the Dynamic IP Configuration section, select the IP range you want, click save in the main DHCP window, Active on: NONE should change to Active on: ETH01.

    goto Captive Portal, on the Interface dropdown menu, select ETH01, enable the Active on: checkbox and save. After saving the status should become Active on: ETH01.

    Now anybody connected to ETH01 port should get a dhcp address from what you specified earlier on and when trying to do anything will prompted with a login screen. Hopefully, you’ve set up users already.

    in reply to: Zerotruth customize captive portal #52757

    It’s quite simple but you would have to be careful. You can change it from within zeroshell and not zerotruth.
    I’ve been able to customize mine for my Hotspot.
    Login to zeroshell admin page, goto Captive Portal–>Authentication and click on Template. a pop-up page will show you the customized template and the native template. dropdown the preview menu and click on view source. Here is where you can edit the code, but i WARN you ..be careful.. what i do is to copy the entire code before editing to notepad so that if there is any damage done, i simply revert back.
    After editing, preview it and if you are ok, save it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)