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    I think importand update….

    If I check with wireshark at the Syslog Server, I didnt get any Syslog Package from Zeroshell.

    So it Looks like that Zeroshell destroy the Syslog packets.

    Has anyone a idea what I have to do?


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    Hallo again,

    the Zeroshell is still running, but I have still Troubles with Syslog,

    I can see in the CNTop Window follow entry:

    udp 514 514 3.22 MB 0.00 B 18.35 Kb/s
    at Connection Tracking:

    dp 17 29 src= dst= sport=514 dport=514 packets=21038 bytes=4403927 [UNREPLIED] src= dst= sport=514 dport=514 packets=0 bytes=0 mark=0 use=1

    zersoshell =
    Syslog Server=

    The Syslog Server is runing and receive logs from another devices as well.

    Can anyone tell me which Setting I have to set?

    best regard


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    Not really big traffic at this Topic and forum ,….

    Can anyone help me to get logs to my Synology Syslog Server?

    I see on my Zeroshell some traffic over port 514 but my Synology receive nothing, if I test my Synology with another Clients, its works.
    So please help me to find a Solution.


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    did you get some Information about the Firewall rules, how it’s work ?




    HI same issue,… Netflix didnt work over Trasparent proxy,…

    My environment
    3 GateWays on Eth01 all in the same Network range ( )
    Net Balancer enabled
    20 different Vlan on Eth00 -
    All of them have his own DHCP Range (default settings)
    Firewall chain is set to FORWARD (only block p2p protocols but has no effect)
    HTTP Proxy is enabled with HAVP (Antivirus)

    My Problem:
    If I enable capture on ETH00 vlan ….. (in my Case 114
    Netflix load only 25% of every movie but only on PS3 or Samsung devices
    On PC’s in the same Range Netflix is working…

    FW Connectons Tracking
    tcp 6 35995 ESTABLISHED src= dst= sport=49974 dport=5223 packets=55 bytes=5615 src= dst= sport=5223 dport=49974 packets=53 bytes=7522 [ASSURED] mark=100 use=1

    Proxy Log:
    All Connections like this:
    19:49:14 GET 200 334+7852 OK

    Any Ideas?

    A Solution could also to make a exception of all the neflix devices,… but I didn’t prefer this way…have someone a different way?


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    I’m really new in this Forum and need Help to make a successfully configuration to Syslog the Proxy Log.

    What I did is…javascript:emoticon(‘:!:’)
    HTTP Proxy / Proxy Log / Logviewer / Logmanager Setup
    and make follow settings..
    crossing / Send logs to remote Syslog / typ the IP of my Syslog Server.
    Both devices are in the same Network-Range.

    The Syslog Server runs on a Synology, and receive Logs from different devices.

    My Version is ZS 3.3.2
    Hope somebody has a Idea, to make me luky 😉


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