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  • in reply to: DoS on DNS Zeroshell: Malware! #52998

    ZS 1 b16
    ZS 2 rc2
    almost all my routers (4 of 5) where infected

    Is there going to be some kind of patch?

    fsala thank you!!!!

    in reply to: im getting this when im trying to add a virtual server port #45394

    I have same problem as of today.
    ls -l /var/register
    are the same vcp_ai posted
    I also use usb
    my ZS ver is 1.0 beta 14

    oh yes and I can’t add firewall rules it says:
    Rule does not exist

    Any info would be great
    Oh yes
    Did any of you seen or heard fluvio?

    Fluvio the force is with you where ever you are!!!

    in reply to: Roadmap #52167


    Have both my support


    in reply to: Zeroshell Latency or DNS error making internet intermitent #51403

    @rsansores wrote:

    Let me see if I undertood, did you mean that after upgrading from beta 10 the problem is solved, all domains are resolved correcltly, no more dns timeouts but still the DNS lookup is slow (slow but finally it resolves the domain)? Am I correct?

    @rsansores wrote:

    I’m not sure what version I’m using but tomorrow at first hour I’m going to check it. Are the updates automated in zeroshell or I need to back up my profile and reinstall everything?

    No Automated updates.
    Good luck with backup/restore.
    Be prepared to reinstall everything

    @rsansores wrote:

    I was planning to migrate to pfSense but I will try this out before.

    Great piece of software.
    I used it for 2 years untill ZS.
    I still have sites with pfSense.
    ZS is my choice.

    PS. just an idea
    Check your resources usage.
    posible DoS from inside network.
    upload usage for web server inside your network.

    in reply to: Zeroshell developer version or SVN repository ? #51390

    I agree

    in reply to: Zeroshell Latency or DNS error making internet intermitent #51401

    @rsansores wrote:

    I will continue with my monologue 😕 …. I have configured in the DNS forwards the ips of OpenDNS and Google DNS and I got a little enhance. Now I the speed of the network feels better but I still have some moments or periods during day that I miss connectivity to some domains. Disable dns or reboot zeroshell works sometimes and fix this problem.

    Really there’s no one in the world that have a similar problem when using zeroshell? 😯

    I did have same problem but on beta 10.
    I still see slow dns response from zeroshell (beta11 and beta12).
    No solution.
    Did the same thing as you did with openDNS

    in reply to: pppoe can’t connect.. #51419

    @VeFeh wrote:

    anyone else had/has pppoep problems ?

    Few times had problem when field service name was left blank.
    I don’t see the real reason but when i write smoething it works…..

    hope this helps

    in reply to: DHCP multi subnet mac filter list #50491

    Yes it’s one NIC.
    I do have all mac’s of all machines.
    I don’t want to manually worry about which PC has what ip only in which subnet it is supposed to be.

    Yes, my plan is to implement VLAN’s but……..this is a pretty big network that wasn’t taken care of for a few years. You can imagine the shape it is in.
    Most of the switches aren’t L2.

    So I am trying to make some order while they buy all the necessities.

    Thanks for replaying.

    in reply to: DHCP multi subnet mac filter list #50488

    ppalias you rule

    I know what you are saying, but VLANs are no go.
    This will be temporary solution until necessary hardware is bought (2-4months).
    Since network is in……..can’t describe the mess i found.
    This seemed like most practical solution and of course It would be much easier to make MAC list and not MAC and IP.
    If you have any ideas please share it
    thanks for swift response.

    in reply to: Qos and NB – Atheling’s patch #50296

    Thanks to Atheling.

    For good patch and swift answer to my question.

    For now the test server is working good. It will be made a main network router in a few days.


    in reply to: PPPoE dropouts… #48827

    which device are you using as ADSL modem?
    How many users are there behind ZS?
    Is your Adsl modem doing anything else besides ppoe bridge?
    con you post log?

    in reply to: Zeroshell Net-To-Net VPN Problems #48846

    Can you post a log?

    Did you try to change MTU?

    in reply to: VPN and NetBalancer #48078


    I have two sources of internet let’s say A link and B link.

    On A link I have static IP and this is the IP that VPN clients target when making VPN connections.
    VPN tunnel is always active and it doesn’t break in another words it works.

    But VPN clients have problem accessing internal network because internal PC’s are affected (routed trough A or B link) by NetBalancer.
    I used [NetBalancer][Balancing Rules] and made one PC with Terminal Server go through A link so clients should’t have any problems connecting to this PC but they do.
    From the log I can see that this PC is still affected by NetBalancer although i have set up Balancing Rule.
    So the problem is that clients lose connection.

    Hope this clears up what is my problem.

    Thanks for the reply.

    in reply to: SOLVED Statistical Network Graphics WARNING!!!!! SOLVED #47995

    Sorry for the late reply.

    No syslogd when I reinstalled the ZS I lost it, but there wasn’t anything about logs beeing deleted.

    Since then I tested C110 on 3 other installations and I didn’t lose logs. I tried every possible variant of installation that I usually do but “no luck”.

    So I suppose that either I did something wrong or the installation was bad.

    I can confirm that C110 is safe (no mentioned lost of logs) to use although i didn’t activate it.

    Sorry Fluvio for the false alarm. I felt pretty disturbed when i saw my logs gone. And of course it is always easier to blame someone else.


    in reply to: Two Internet Providers #47999

    You can achieve this by using NetBalancer feature in ZS 1.0 beta11 and setting it to work in failover mode.

    Tell me how detailed instructions you need?

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