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    Thanks, can’t believe i didn’t think of that!!!!

    I remember on an older release have massive problems with qos on vlans – perhaps it wasn’t supported or perhaps i’ve learnt a thing or two since then.

    Cheers for the help.

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    certainly a thing or two to experiment with.

    Will have a play when i get time and let you know.


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    Ok how to pass on public static IP’s to vlans

    make sure you have a dhcp asssigned address on the wan nic not a static.

    add this for each static ip to vlan you to the Startup/Cron – Post Boot script

    Note the address is the local address assigned to the vlan interface

    # Startup Script
    route add -net 89.xxx.xxx.90 netmask gw # Users Router IP

    Then add an ip to the vlan interface of say 89.xxx.xxx.91 subnet

    Done, assign the machine on that vlan with:
    IP: 89.xxx.xxx.90
    GW: 89.xxx.xxx.91

    bingo job done, I have also assigned a DHCP to the local address so that a machine on the end of it can get a dhcp local address to test connection if needed.

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    Ok, well thanks for your time Fulvio.

    If i find an answer i will let people know.

    just need to get public static IP’s working on the LAN site vlans



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    Hi Fulvio,

    Thanks for the reply

    here’s a few lines from /usr/bin/dedicatedip

    #ifconfig ppp0:1 89.xxx.xxx.192 netmask # Assigned to VLAN17 – Users Router
    #ifconfig ppp0:2 89.xxx.xxx.193 netmask # Assigned to VLAN17 – Gateway
    #ifconfig ppp0:3 89.xxx.xxx.194 netmask # Assigned to VLAN12 – Gateway
    #ifconfig ppp0:4 89.xxx.xxx.195 netmask # Assigned to VLAN12 – Users Router

    ifconfig eth0.17:1 89.xxx.xxx.192 netmask # Gateway
    route add -net 89.xxx.xxx.193 netmask gw # Users Router

    ifconfig eth0.12:1 89.xxx.xxx.194 netmask # Gateway
    route add -net 89.xxx.xxx.195 netmask gw # Users Router

    basically if gives one of the static public ip’s as a gateway address and one to the first on that vlan ie

    machines on this vlan can then set their ip address as a public ip and a gateway of that on the router.

    bit of fiddling to the firewall to configure access rights and all is done.

    Hope this helps


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    if you just want easy set up hotspot – i have used http://www.2hotspot.com in the past – nice and easy for anyone to set up.

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