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    I’m having a problem connecting a Zeroshell network to a satellite modem.

    Everything worked until the satellite people replaced the modem. The old modem had a single LAN port, whereas the new one has its own wifi, router, and several LAN ports. The satellite information page for both modems is at The new modem also has a wifi setup page at, and it assigns clients (wifi and wired) DHCP IP addresses starting at

    ZS setup is as follows: ETH00 is LAN cable from that goes to the satellite modem. The modem assigns to the Zeroshell box. ETH01 is, LAN cable from that goes to a Ubiquiti wifi access point. Clients access the network via the wifi, and Zeroshell assigns DHCP IP addresses in the range. The default gateway is, is that correct?

    I can access the internet, and I can access the modem’s wifi router config page at, but I can’t access the modem’s satellite information page at If I try to ping, I don’t get a reply. I tried changing ETH00 to, but then I couldn’t access the ZS interface or anything else, I had to restore a backup profile from the console.

    I’m guessing that ZS is looking for 0.1 on the LAN side, so it never finds it? Do I need to define a static route to it (not really clear on how to do that)?




Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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