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    I updated from beta12 to beta14 ten days ago. Since then I’ve twice had ZS hang up totally and require a power cycle of my net5501. This is in contrast with beta12 which ran without hanging or crashing ever.

    What has been others experience?

    If you’ve had a crash, were you been able to get to a console and see if there was any evidence of the cause?

    If I can’t get this sorted out, I’ll be going back to the older version…




    Hi Atheling,
    I do not use net5501, but Alix devices that have the same processor (AMD Geode LX CPU) and I never had issues. Please, let me know if you solve.




    Well when I first took the chance to test 1.0.14b I had 2 crashes but …
    but the fault was on the Hardware!!!What caused the crashes? A bad USB Stick !!!
    So, I changed the USB Stick and after that “Stainless-Steel” + I’m pushing this “babe” hard (QoS Bridging Mode with 70+ Mbit of Traffic, 7 QoS Classes, 171 QoS “Rules” of which 21 are L7 Filters ).


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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