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    I read through the FAQ entry and forums on setting up OpenVPN to work in a bridge mode so clients are receiving addresses on the network local to the Zeroshell box. I setup the VPN99 interface as a member of the bridge for ETH00 after using the console so the primary IP address of the system migrated to the bridge.

    I can get my VPN clients to ARP successfully across the VPN as a layer 2 bridged setup if I setup OpenVPN to push all IPs through it (redirect-gateway) however specifying just the local subnet itself so the clients will route other traffic out their normal remote gateway results in a routed VPN connection on Zeroshell and it doesn’t work, zeroshell forces a remote gateway to be configured even in bridged mode so I’m not sure if this is causing it.

    I see Zeroshell uses “mode server” so I was thinking the server-bridge mode could be used to force it for just the subnet if forcing the gateway at all times isn’t the actual culprit. I haven’t figured out how to modify the command zeroshell runs for OpenVPN so right now I am stuck, I apprecaite any help on the above possibile causes for my issue.


    Which process is allocating IP addresses, mask, gw and DNS?
    It would be helpful if you showed us the configuration you are using.
    You can alter the command of the OpenVPN with a preboot script, check my posts, I wanted to do the very same thing.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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