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    I all,

    this is the trouble..

    site a : Polycom phone setup to remote boot server.
    site b : remote pbx / tftp server..

    with a wrt54gl/tomato/mlppp no trouble tfpt server and the phone comunicate great,
    now with zeroshell/mlppp
    1- to ackire IP adress is slow.
    2- not able to reach remote tftp server
    3- only direct SIP resquest go to destination…

    any sugestion ..

    i already define DNS fowarder to make shure all pointing to the corect place..

    now my polycom is manuly configure only in sip with to 2 diferente account and 2 diferent sip server both having port 5060..

    i hope this is a chalange for the community..

    Thank you in advance..

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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