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    Victor Lau

    Hi All
    I am using zeroshell 3.8.2 for around 1 yrs.
    recently, I have difficulty to modify hostapd.conf files
    I have check that there is 2 locations for hostapd.conf
    /tmp/wifi-WLAN00.conf (system generate on boot)

    Actually I would like to update the line for “ht_capab” and take effect for it
    1. I have try adding script on Pre/Post Boot , append a new line to the above 2 conf files / uncomment exiting ht_capab. (It seems zeroshell will start hostapd before Pre/Post Boot script, my changes will not take effect)
    2. Append new line to /tmp/wifi-WLAN00.conf , connect a screen and keyboard, restart wifi service using Zeroshell Wifi Manager. But wifi-WLAN00.conf will revert my changes.

    Can you help advise how I can update hostapd, it seems zeroshell may not allow me to update some of the options in hostapd.conf ?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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