Zeroshell hangs – where to look for log ?

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    we are currently using several zeroshell installations where they are
    used as LAN-TO-LAN vpn client as well as standard “routing” operations.

    The version we use is 1.0.beta15 installed on soekris 5501.

    One of the zeroshell does crash every once in a while. It is used as
    front router for the whole installation and nobody has any internet
    connexion regardless of the VPN state when it crashes.

    It does have DHCP enabled, but not do DNS relay or server.

    One of the machines on the internal network is on a fixed IP but
    when the zeroshell fails, it doesn’t have any internet access anywhere.

    We do not have a physical access to the display of the zeroshell when it
    crashes (> 100km away).

    Where can we start looking for clues about the reason for the crash ?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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