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    Hi everyone,

    I came across zeroshell while looking into setting up VPN link bonding for my little network. I am looking for suggestions for a VPS service to host zeroshell somewhere in the cloud for my local zeroshell install to connect to for the VPN link bonding.

    Here’s my network overview:

    Site 1:
    – wireless 5ghz Tranzeo bridge to Site 3
    – 2 Mbps DSL, static IP
    – dd-wrt router managing the PPPoE connection & QOS
    – 2 wireless clients connecting to dd-wrt router through 2.4ghz AP

    Site 2:
    – wireless 5ghz Ubiquiti bridge to Site 3
    – 1st 7 Mbps DSL, dynamic IP
    – dd-wrt router managing the PPPoE connection, QOS & DDNS
    – 2nd 7 Mbps DSL coming in 2 weeks, dynamic IP
    – 1 wired client connecting to dd-wrt router

    Site 3:
    – Xincom dual WAN router for main gateway, load balancing and failover
    – several wireless AP with various frequencies for neighbors and family client connections (there are a few of us here that farm together)

    There are a couple clients connected to Site 1 with their own AP, they don’t have any redundancy so once the 2nd DSL at site 2 comes online, my plan is to load balance and vpn link bond at site 2 with zeroshell and have my xincom router at site 3 use site 2 as it’s primary connection and just use site 1 for backup/failover. My dd-wrt routers work quite well for QOS but I wouldn’t mind eliminating them and having zeroshell take care of the PPPoE, QOS and DDNS directly. If I can get the hang of zeroshell and it works well I’m very willing to replace my Xincom router with a 2nd zeroshell unit. I’d like to have the client at site 2 included in the load balanced side, otherwise one zeroshell box at site 3 would suffice. If I don’t include them in the load balance side on the network, then I believe the bandwidth they use would unbalance zeroshell’s net balancer’s gateway weightings.

    My main question at this point is whether this looks feasible for zeroshell (i’ve only been playing with it for 3 days so far) and what VPS hosting service anyone can recommend. I’d like unmetered bandwidth at a minimum of 30Mbps (15Mbps up 15 down) or enough bandwidth for the two 7 Mbps connections, maximum 4600 * 2 GB per month.

    Hardware wise I plan to run zeroshell on an Asus 900A netbook with two usb300m NICs for the wan connections. There are about 8 farm yards connected to/using site 3 for their main internet connection, two of these sites (mine included) are heavy users with many devices. I’m expecting the netbook should have no trouble but what’s the minimum hardware I should need on the VPS side?

    Thanks for your time.

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