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    Hi guys. Has anyone any instructions for installing VMware Tools on the 3.6.0 Zeroshell?

    I have installed Zeroshell to disk in an ESXi environment and would like to get VMtools running. I can’t even get the VMtools installer to mount (can’t see the ISO/file system to mount within Zeroshell command line). I have tried copying open-vm-tools to disk – into the /Database folder, but then I can’t compile it as no compilers installed.

    Fulvio, any chance of getting a build with open-vm-tools built in?



    I will try to publish the how-to in the new year if anyone is interested.



    We like to have this feature as well ! Appreciate anyone document the process on how to do it



    Here’s a template for ZS 3.7.1:


    Installing VMware Tools on what’s normally a read-only file system isn’t a trivial thing. Mind you, a lot has changed since the 1.6 beta days and maybe an installed version has a read/write file system.

    I’d like to see open-vmtools available as a downloadable module myself. Since 3.6.0 it appears a development kit is available as a module, so maybe someone can put in open-vmtools and no one would have to use a version with proprietary code anymore.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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