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    Valentin Minin

    I am trying to replace old ISA server by Zero Shell 3.8.2.
    I have created one interface for internal network with static IP address on eth0 and four subinterfaces with different VlanID at eth1 ( at ett1.500, eth1.502, eth1.503 and ppp connection on eth1.530 for ISP). Internet and routing of big number of services is working OK but when i’m trying to call by SIP phone between networks – I can listen a person from other side but he can’t listen to me.
    I have thought about NAT betwen this subnets but in the NAT interfeces I have selected only ppp0.
    What do i change in the ZeroShell config for correcting this trouble?



    Are you using a STUN server on you SIP devices?


    Valentin Minin

    No, I use Panasonic PBX SIP/IP telephone exchange and SIP / IP phones without STUN servers. When I use routing via MS ISA / Cisco – I haven’t this problem.


    Valentin Minin

    I have sniffed traffic by WireShark and found mark of NAT (destination IP was a router IP).
    After then I rebooted the ZeroShell router and routing is become to transparent mode.
    Now it works.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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