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    i am very disapointed with the bad documentation of all of this great software

    if QoS cannot be done in “one virtual ethernet vmware card” don’t upload a fake vmware image to try this soft, that confuses the users.

    if that can be done, post a good documentation how to do this, not only a “bridge mode” bad guide if this soft can configured in bridge, routed, and lot of more cofigurations

    thank you



    You can mark traffic passing through Zeroshell based on traffic parameters (source/destination IP address, contents of packets e.t.c.) regardless of Zeroshell mode (bridge or router).



    routed mode ok, but two virtual network interfaces making nat between them, with one network interfaces don’t work






    It is not called a splitter, it is called a switch.


    the easiest way to eliminate the issue is to add a second ethernet card, Go to vmware manage virtual networks, bond eact virtual adapter to individual adapters. shut down your VM, add the secodn Virtual NIC, bond each to the appropriate network adapter

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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