VIRTIO disks not useable in a virtual environment, use SCSI

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    Reporting a likely bug…

    In a virtualized environment (I use Proxmox) you can specify the kind of hard disk device you add to a virtual machine.
    Most common are IDE, SCSI and VIRTIO (specialized drivers for virtual environment).

    I seems that Beta14 can’t work with VIRTIO disks.
    The same virtual disk content added to the same vm but as a SCSI device works fine.

    All the Linux distributions used by me so far could work with any of these device type (tested with Debian, Suse, Ubuntu).

    As work-around, one can use SCSI (or probably IDE too).
    For some reason VIRTIO does not work.
    In the SETUP / Profiles section, it shows “ERROR” and you can’t format or partition the disk. I tried to partition and format manually in ext3 (using but the disk still gave an ERROR in Zeroshell

    Environment info:
    Proxmox 1.6/5087
    Zeroshell 1.0.beta14
    Disk format is QCOW2
    Device type VIRTIO does not work, SCSI works

    Congrats for Zeroshell !
    Kind regards from Brussels,

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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