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    I’m using ZeroShell as a captive portal. The system is running on virtualbox and windows Server 2008. This server has only one Network interface but i use the bridge option in virtualbox in order to create two virtual network interfaces on ZeroShell (which one with an ip address on a different network: connectet to the adsl modem and the other one: which provides dhcp service). The real interface is connected to a switch wich is conected to the Modem (who provides internet connection and has this ip addresse: I kwo this is very odd but i got no choice, i’m not allowed to add another network interface to this server or install another system.

    Everything seems to work (users can login and go to internet) but after a while when there are many users every one got disconnected.

    I check the logs and i got things like:
    GW: warning: authenticator message expired for the user xxxxxx client: xxxxxxx) and cannot be renewed

    what could be the problem?

    Thanks every one

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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