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    Hi everyone,

    Thanks Fulvio for this superb os.
    I begin in the use of routers but I find the functions of Zeroshell very adapted to my use and very complete !
    I would like to set up a transparent VPN interface on Zeroshell for my local network, and connect my network to this interface so I do not have to use VPN clients on other computers. I’m having trouble finding clear information about this, and being a beginner I do not think I’m looking at the right information …
    In short, I am currently using Proton VPN as a VPN connection, which provides this information to connect via a router :
    Proton VPN setup on a router

    What type of connection under Zeroshell should I choose ? LAN to LAN, Host to LAN ?
    Is it possible to use ovpn files with ZeroShell ?

    Thanks in advance,

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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