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    Hello All:

    I’ll be honest I’m a total n00b, but I catch on quick. So please bear with me…

    Let me explain what I am trying to do, then I’ll ask my questions.

    We are in an office that has terrible internet service. A 3×3 connection is costing us about $450 per month. The service is terrible and were looking to make a move. What we’d like to do is get 2-4 24×1.5 dsl ($140 – $280) connections and use VPN bonding to create a aggregated pipe to our data center. We currently have phones running on our 3×3 and things are starting to get super choppy; hating it. 🙂

    My question is primarily with the data center side. Currently we are using the server to host a slough of business resources such as CRM, project management, etc. The box is running CentOs 5.5.

    1. Is it suggested that we install zeroshell on the server that we are using for webhosting?
    2. How do I install Zeroshell on the server without doing a fresh hdd iso?

    I’m sure you guys are getting a good laugh at me at the moment, but i’m eager to figure this out. ;P

    Thanks in advance for all of your help!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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