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    The facts:
    *Toshiba L750/0S5
    *Atheros AR9002WB-1NG WLAN card (with up to date driver)
    *power management configured so that maximum performance is given to WLAN at all times
    *Wifi is on
    *computer 2 months old
    *recently got a new modem because the old one didn’t give signal where I work.

    every other computer in my house can get wireless absolutely fine. I on the other hand have to sit like 10m max away from the router to get functioning internet. if i dont, the internet cuts out showing the ‘limited connectivity sign’

    I originally thought it was the fault of the modem but the fact that 3 other laptops PLUS my 7 year old toshiba portege m300 actually get better signal than my 2 month old computer does.

    I realise this isnt a forum situation and I cant reply to your guys replies, but im pretty desperate and im hoping someone has some insight thats helps/works.

    What else to say….
    *running windows 7
    *up to date virus software
    *everything else is fine
    *the actual WIFI connection is solid i.e. there are no trouble shooting issues and stuff (when i sit 2cm away from modem lol)

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    In some ways Im blaming the modem (in my head) – because of the limited connectivity thing allll the time when i have 3 bars of signal
    in other ways how can that be when everyone else can get wireless better, and everywhere I cant get it – thinking it could be some issue with my actual WLAN card. or maybe even some weird as settings.

    Anyway go nuts with the answers, anything is helpful.


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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