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    It may be said. All the time, i was trying to get pfSense to work but it didn’t recognize all nic’s, it wouldn’t boot properly etc…

    Then, I look for another free router distro with multi-wan capability and traffic shaping and come accross ZeroShell. Never heard of it, gave it a try and it worked wonderfully from the first minute (when it didn’t work, it was because of my stupid human errors) :-).

    All necessary configuration steps are nicely explained in a PDF (zeroshellEN.pdf) i found on this site.

    Therefore i say, thank you Fulvio for this wonderful piece of software! πŸ˜€

    And to make this topic credible enough: a few suggestions for even further improvement.

    – an extensive manual explaining how to achieve specific user-case scenarios, like for example , in the case of multi-wan, how to redirect all outgoing traffic to a specific url thru one specific gateway (URL, not ip!), like having all outbound traffic to * going out thru the comcast gateway.

    – Much more graphical presentation of all statistics, load distribution, uptime, netbalancer logs, etc. And i am saying this because i have played around a lot with pfSense and a lot of nice graphs really is a nice gimmick. πŸ˜‰

    and to conclude, what i really like:
    – the L4 and L7 filter capabilities for QOS and netbalancing rules ❗
    – the weight option for netbalancing
    – the captive portal can be enabled on a wired interface πŸ™‚ (not tested yet)
    – the transparent proxy feature looks really neat too (not tested yet)
    – the config being kept in a database (i have it on usb-stick) and the possibility to simply download it as a file for backup. Really simple but really handy!


    Many thanks.
    Your post is very nice.
    At least the graphic statistics for load balancing, traffic shaping and cpu load will arrive in a few days.



    hello Fulvio

    thank you for your work. It helps me to increase the internet security.
    I love the transp. proxy with clamav and the stability. QOS works great and the user-interface is manageable.

    How can I contribute your work?

    thanx ahorn


    At the moment the best solution to contribute is to write the documentation. If you describe your experience with Zeroshell on a web page or pdf file I would be happy to link it from the documentaion page.



    hello Fulvio
    I have a good basic knowledge of networks. Because of the layout of the GUI it was simple to configure zeroshell. Sometimes it was a little bit tricky but after the 3rd install/config etc. I had a stable transp. proxy with clamav. The documentation was sufficient. ( Then I tested QOS etc. When I had probs I used a backup of my stable zeroshell-config.
    It works for me “out of the box”and I love it. I forget to say the wireless functions of zeroshell are also great … aah und it works also out of the box with a UMTS-USB

    Your work is brilliant 😯

    I would like to write a doc for updating clamav πŸ™„

    but at the moment I am not able to. I donΒ΄t know HOW

    Now I am testing a combination of pfsense/m0n0wall + zeroshell.


    Could you write a document about your test on these 3 router distro?


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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