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    I have just recived a batch of Surface RT Tablets. As shipped these have Windows 8 RT as the OS This has IE10 as the browser.

    This setup works fine with my Zerohell RC3 Captive portal.

    I have now upgraded 1 of the tablets to Windows 8.1 this has IE11.
    With this setup I am unable to get the browser to redirect to the Zeroshell Captive portal.

    If I type the url of the Captive portal I get the login screen and can then login and access the Internet

    If I add the address of my Captive portal to Trusted sites on the Surface RT the problem is cured. However this is not a very practical solution as the Captive portal is a BYOD network so needs to work for unmanaged devices.

    Captive portal is using HTTPS with a certificate that is trusted by the Surface RT and the redirect is set to use CN.


    After some further testing this problem has self corrected.
    All I did was remove Zeroshell from the trusted sites list. This caused the failure to redirect to the captive portal login screen to re occur. I then added the captive portal to my favorites. This caused the captive portal redirect to work once again. Then I removed the favorite and The captive portal redirect continued to work.

    I have also now added Gecko to to the list of Browsers Excuded from the popup window. This Allows use of both the Meto and Desktop browser versions on the Surface RT to login without the popup remaining open.

    The log information is the same for both so it is not possible to turn off the popup for just the Metro browser.


    That bit about Browsers Excuded from the popup window should have said added like Gecko If you just add Gecko it allows all Firefox browsers as well.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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