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    I want to install vbox on the machine running zeroshell.

    Unfortunately this requires the following:

    GCC (And everything that goes with it)

    Non of which are installed, and all of which are a pain (especially GCC) to install.

    I know that it’s designed to be a minimal router distribution tool but couldn’t we at least have gcc support so we can actually compile stuff ourselves and expand it a bit?

    Right now despite how awesome this system has been, I’m half way to scrapping it’s usage due to the lack of expandability.

    Alternatively if we don’t include GCC, atp, dpkg…

    A friend of mine gave me a prebuilt dpkg file, I havn’t tried it yet, but I’m told all I have to do is copy the contents to ‘/’ (the contents being /usr/bin etc…)

    Could we perhaps provide precompiled versions of atp? and gcc?
    Ones that we can download from the shell prompt?

    I really really really want to see this machine fly with vbox installed, but vbox requires gcc, and to even install it, it would be better to have apt installed to do the dependency management. (i already have precompiled dpkg).

    Any thoughts on this?


    News just in.

    That may solve part of the problem.

    If I solve it entirely, I’ll post a video tutorial of how to do this.

    I still think that any linux dist without gcc is a bad dist though….

    Hell you have G++!
    (no don’t tell me to compile gcc with g++)


    To obtain a develop environment you could try reading this:

    On this forum there are other posts which describe how to create a Read/Write copy of Zeroshell and in the download section the GCC and the includes file are available.



    Hello, this Thread is over 6 Years old and however gcc is not Included in ZS.

    Also the mentioned Link is not working at all anymore.

    I have such a need to run gcc but i cant find any instructions to install gcc on ZS on the Internet at all.

    I hope so so much that ZS will get gcc support or even a patch that is optional for gcc.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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