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    I’m new user with Zeroshell.
    And would like to report a little bug.
    I installed on a computer which has 3 ethernets devices.

    Only two were activate in bios at the first install.
    I decided to activate the third and make a re-install.

    After that ethernet ETH00 on which i ask a key has been recognize ETH01.
    Result was that i was no longuer able to register.
    Because Zeroshell took bad mac address.
    Even if i put orignal feature key, i was not able to register. (Without error).

    Solution : re-install with third ethernet card disable.

    I was searching for a distribution to make adsl aggregation, i’m happy to say it works ! (Free + Ovh provider, with first offers Ovh vps, only one ip )
    Need some tweaks to put good rules, but works.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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