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    It seems that the net-snmp packages for ZeroShell was configured with the cache timeout for the IF-MIB set to the default value of 15 in “agent/mibgroup/if-mib/ifTable/ifTable_data_access.h”


    This imply that interface InOctets and OutOctets are updated every 15 seconds. This may be good for some operations, but if one if plotting this information in real time, 15 sec interval is useless.

    Although there is no configuration directive to change this at runtime, there is a way to change the value.

    running the following command after snmpd has started (give it 10 secs to start typically) will change the cache time for the IF-MIB and make the in/out byte count update as frequent as 1 sec.

    /Database/opt/x.x/packages/bin/snmpset -c write -v 1 NET-SNMP-AGENT-MIB::nsCacheTimeout. i 1

    This assumes that the RW community is named “write” in the snmpd.conf

    I hope this helps others running net-snmp under ZeroShell

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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