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    I have managed to get zeroshell running in a VM under both VMware (reasonably easy) and also Hyper-V (a bit harder and less stable – but it was an old version) and it works quite well and is handy. Congratulations on your hard work.

    I have a couple of questions however:

    * It appears that the standard image doesn’t have VMware tools drivers and functionality in it and I would like to add this.

    * I would like to be able to secure the console login with a username and password.

    * I would like to be able to backup/restore the firewalls database config from a FTP server directly over the network.

    Is there an existing documented process for doing the above or can you point me in the right direction on what mods would be required.
    Initially I would like to add this functionality to an already deployed instance of zeroshell running in a VM.
    Finally I would like to know how to bake the additions into a custom ISO so it can run as a LiveCD. (I am guessing this will require re-compiling)



    It is my intention to add the VM tools as soon as possible as an add-on.
    For the question about the protection of local console with password it is easy to be implemented patching the localman script. You already find the authentication function and so you just have to call it before the menu has been printed.
    For remote backup of the profile you can install the ftp client from the Package Manager.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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