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    hi there.

    i have this idea i’d like to share with you for testing on feasability.

    got a mac-mini running 24/7 as a mediacenter.
    the mini i got only has limited ports. 1 airport (wifi), 1 gigabit ethernet, 1 firewire, 5 usb. 2 graphic ports.

    like to run Z. virtually on it via virtualbox where the mac will be receiving an internet connection (1) via airport (wifi) and feeding that to Z. via virtual ethernet connection.

    the actual ethernet (2) of the mac-mini connects to the location’s lan and will also carry another internet connection and should feed this to virtual Z. where Z. is supposed to bridge, failover and loadbalance the lot.

    as a possible 3rd internet source i’m thinking of connecting a 3g mobile broadband usb stick (3).

    (1) Z. only has limited support for wifi chipsets as i understand. so turning the airport connection into virtual ethernet tackles that. right?
    (2) could be tricky. since this port has in/out lan traffic
    (3) it would be a supported huawei stick. but how to feed it to Z.?

    i’m not lacking imagination as you see but do lack enough knowledge of Z. and OSX/virtualbox to estimate the chance for this project to work.

    hope some of you here can share your thoughts on this.



    on (2) i found out that you can configure ‘virtual nics’ who are bridged to a single hardware nic. so that looks bright.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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