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    Mark Richards

    Recently upgraded our WAN fibre from 20/20 to 75/75 (Mbps). Despite the upgrade, we get a little less than 20Mbps through our firewall/router, a SonicWall TZ180. Rather than replace the SonicWall (expensive!) I’d rather use existing hardware (64 bit intel with SSD, ect). Faster!

    Here’s the setup using the TZ-180:

    [1 Gig Switch]
    [10/100 SWITCH (LAN)]

    I have one of 5 IPV4 IP’s assigned for the WAN. There’s also another cheap router off the 1 Gig swich for a second IPV4 host.. I’ll put the TZ-180 in its place once I replace it with Zeroshell.

    Is there a way to configure Zeroshell such that it takes the place of the TTZ180 above?

    The configuration example in the ZeroShell HowTo shows Zeroshell AFTER a wan-connected router.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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