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    Hi everybody, I’m a new user of Zeroshell and I have some questions:
    I’ve installed Zeroshell beta7, on a pc with 3 NICs. The first (ETH01) is connected to my Router (RED zone), the second is my DMZ (ETH02) and the third (ETH00) is connected to a 802.1q switch (vlan 50 and vlan 51). I’ve created two VLANs on ETH00 and set IPs:
    VLAN 50:
    VLAN 51:
    When I’m trying to set a FORWARD (drop policy) firewall rule,
    for example to permit ALL protocols from ETH02 to ETH00.50 it doesn’t work.
    To see if my connectivity is OK, I permit ALL protocols from ALL interfaces to ALL and my packets are passing from ETH02 to my VLANs just fine.
    What seems to be the problem? Please help.



    I think your answer is in my thread i opened. I thought i was doing someting wrong but it seems to be normal. Read the question about the two rules needed for traffic to enable.

    good luck,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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