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    Hello Forums, I have been look at Zeroshell with some interested as I think it can offer me exactly what I need in terms of routing, gateway and VPN. It looks really good I just need to get my tiny brain round it all!

    I host file and email for customers which are accessible through SSH and port tunnelling. The files and emails sit on the Linux server with a WAN and LAN connection. Connections are made to the wan port using SSH and port 3389 is fwd to a windows server sitting on the LAN side. So they start an RDP connection once the tunnel is set-up and access the windows server and files like this.

    To make things a little more confusing the windows servers sit on a virtual host using proxmox. Each customer has its own Linux server and public IP.

    So I have 4 public ip’s and currently two customers so two Linux servers.

    My customer profiles vary one has a large office and a few remote users and the other just remote people who move from site to site.

    In my office I have one bonded internet connection from BeThere with 4 static ip’s. 78.105.99.xx – xx, subnet mask and gw

    I would like to get another internet connection from virgin broadband to provide resilience and extra speed when bonded perhaps.

    So all my customers connect to me and my static IP addresses.

    So with ZeroShell I am interested in providing the following:

    1)A VPN (UDP) LAN to LAN to the office in wales so I an provide fault tolerance using 2 internet connections and maybe faster speed to connecting via SSH and RDP to my servers.

    2) For those remote users to move around a lot I am not sure I can provide the fault tolerance as they need to point at a public IP address which may change if internet connections go down. Unless I use dynamic DNS maybe or some how connect my bonded VPN to ZeroShell in data centre and provide single IP for my customers from there?

    So I have experienced issues when connecting to my Linux servers from the internet using SSH and tunneling to RDP. If I connect to the internet from the LAN on one of these Linux servers and do a speed test I get circa 28MB down and 3.4MB up If connect from the INTERNET (SSH, tunnel rdp) and run the same test on the RDP server I only get circa 20MB down and 2.4MB up so TCP connections in and out on the same IP.

    Can I using Zero shell allow my clients to connect on one IP and then all http browsing be forced out another route so it does not conflict with the router coming in so providing extra bandwidth maybe?

    Sorry for for the lengthy explanation but I hope I have made myself understood.

    You can see a digram here that I knocked up when I though I might be able to do what I wanted with Clear OS.

    Thanks for listening 🙂

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