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    I just turned my zeroshell server on, it goes really good, I can surf trough web pages very well

    But actually I have a problem… I CAN´T reach MSN messenger in any computer connected to the server

    I think is about ports and firewall confiuration, of course I don´t know

    I know that messenger port is 1863 TCP…. So can you help me with the firewall rules or something, I´d appreciate. Thanks 😀



    Are you using the transparent proxy to browse the web?
    Are you able to ping an external host (such as from a host of your LAN? Have you enabled the NAT on the WAN interface if you are using a private IP subnet (such as on the LAN?

    By the way, the firewall allows any protocol to be forwarded by default.




    Thanks for reply

    I forgot to enable the NAT on WAN interface I`m using!!! 😯

    Wireless Router recieves from zeroshell server its own IP by DHCP:
    My subnet IP is:

    I`m gonna try, anyway if Im doing anything wrong please tell me


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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