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    I’m trying to setup a VPN server by zeroshell to allow the end user to login with the domain account and password.

    I found there is no guide except some simple text in the homepage. I’m confused with the setup steps.

    1 Zeroshell basic setup;
    2 Network setup;
    3 OpenVPN setup, which is used for local authentication (x509 only);
    4 A Windows Domain, with 2 domain controls, DNS, Win2008R2, without any other services.

    1 The domain name of this router is the same as that windows domain. Is that correct?
    2 I’ve set the Password Authentication to type External K5 and that domain name. There is no DNS setup in basic network setting. How can this router find the DNS/DC ip address to communicate?
    3 How to install a Kerberos server on DCs? A special service?

    What should be done next?


    PS, please do more documents. Documents are more powerful than codes.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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