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    I have a strange problem since i have upgrade to 2.0 RC2 (and now RC3).
    After few hours (or few days), the net balancer is not working any more…

    I can’t go on internet on all my computer. I must Disable the Net balancer, Save and Enable to get it work again.

    Do you have an idea of what it could be ? What log should i see when the problem happend ?

    I never had this problem on ZS 1.0b16.

    Thanks for your help




    How many internet lines have?




    I have 4 ADSL line (PPPoe) and 1 SDSL line

    Best Regards




    Nobody has an idea ?

    Best regards



    I have a similar problem.
    I have 2 DSL modems and when I disable the second gateway in netbalancer, internet works.
    If I disable the failover monitor I still get connections and bits are increasing.




    I still have the problem and i don’t understand why…
    I have 4 DSL line and 1 SDSL. Default gateway is disabled.

    I have found a fix for the moment : I set up a cron job to restart the balancer every 2 hours

    The crontab :
    /root/kerbynet.cgi/scripts/nb_save no LBFO no 3 5 4 5 yes IP1 yes IP2 yes IP3 yes
    /root/kerbynet.cgi/scripts/nb_save yes LBFO yes 3 5 4 5 yes IP1 yes IP2 yes IP3 yes

    Just replace IP1 / IP2 / IP3 with your ip to check that connection is alive…

    The arguments in oder (the same on the web page net balancer)
    ENABLED (yes/no)
    MODE (LBFO for me : balancing and failover)
    ICMPCheck (activate the icmp check)
    ProbesDOWN (Number of probes before marking DOWN)
    ProbesUP (Number of probes before marking UP)
    Timeout (Reply timeout (seconds)
    Pause (Pause before starting a new cycle (seconds)
    PPPDRestart (Immediately restart PPPoE and 3G Mobile (Yes/no)
    IP1 ( Failover IP Addresses 1)
    EnabledIP1 (yes/no)
    IP2 ( Failover IP Addresses 2)
    EnabledIP2 (yes/no)
    IP3 ( Failover IP Addresses 3)
    EnabledIP3 (yes/no)

    Hope it can help somebody else ! And if you have the fix, tell me ! 🙂

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