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    I want to setup two zeroshell servers and create a lan to lan Openvpn connection the purpose of my setup is to allow local clients on server 2 to get public ip adresses from Zeroshell Server 1 through a layer 2 connection. The ISP on server 1 is assigning static ip adresses to my server 1 (3 ip adresses for each Eth ). I want to assin the Public ip adresses that i have on my eth1 on server 1 , to clients connected to eth1 on server2.

    This diagram explains exactly what i want to do.

    you can check this url for a diagram that i want to achieve.


    if any one can show me how to achieve that i will be more than greatfull.





    I think that you can do that, but it needs some packet manipulation with IPtables. First of all both ZS servers should be aware of the private IP addresses, you can do that easily with RIPv2. Secondly you open a shell and for the incoming packets on ZS1 destined to PUBLIC_IP_1 you do a DNAT to change the destination to the desired one. In case Device1 or 2 have ZS2 as default gateway it would be neat to also change the source IP address of the packet upon arriving on ETH00 or ETH01 of ZS1 with a SNAT.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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