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    Dear sir,

    1°) Very good project with ZeroShell…. We project to install it on our HOTEL.
    But is it possible on the CAPTIVE PORTAL to add an TIME OUT under GATEWAY PARAMETERS.
    Ex: if user not use internet connexion for 15min, he will be automaticaly
    log out by the SERVER?
    We are not able to change AUTHENTIFICATOR VALIDIDTY to a longer time
    and make it FOR EVER, but it is not a SOLUTION…

    2°) We install 3 Physical Network card. 1 for the WAN and 2 for the LAN
    1- Internet public adress NAT activated
    2- Local adress
    3- Local adress
    But we not want subnet 2 and 3 to see one another
    (not want computer be able to ping for ex)
    How to do it? I not see options…

    For test we have install your software under VIRTUAL PC and it works fine

    Waitting for you reply…..
    Best regards.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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