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    Cisco Router
    | | |
    ETH00 Zeroshell
    | | | |
    PC1 PC2 PC3 Switch
    | | |
    PC4 PC5 PC6

    Server1 Windows: DNS, DHCP (
    Server2 Windows: FTP (
    Cisco Router: Gateway (
    PC 1, 2, 3: Client OS Windows (
    Zeroshell: ETH00 (, ETH01 (
    PC 4, 5, 6: Client Mac OSX (

    All have gateway and I plan to connect all to via Zeroshell.
    can ping each other, can access Server1 and Server2 as FTP Server from

    I’m new in zeroshell and need help and advise how to set and configure zeroshell?

    Thx B4


    if you cannot manage the cisco router , ( add a static route ) , there are two “dirty” ways that you can take :
    1st : add on each pc’s of the a static route , something like

    route add -p mask metric 3

    ( the -p argument makes the route permanent , otherwise you will lose the route at next reboot )

    2nd : change , on each pc’s on the the default gateway with the ip address of the ZS eth00 interface ( ) , you can do this by upgrading the dhcp setting on your dhcp server .( but be aware , if your ZS machine fails , all your network will be without a default route for the internet )

    in both case , on ZS machine create a static default route with next hope address the ip of the cisco router ( , and disable nat


    I have a similar setup to yours, except for the cisco router. in my setup i have 1 main router, ZS, and 2 network segments each with a ZS. you should not have to make any changes to your main cisco router, simply put a static route on the ZS to your main network:

    Destination |Netmask|Type|Metric|Gateway|Interface|State
    DEFAULT GATEWAY||Net|0|| |Up

    that is all i needed to do for my setup.

    obviously change the gateway I use for yours


    and, as rightly JC writes …
    if you want access from the network to the network and not vice versa, it’s enough enable nat on
    ZS’s ETH00 ( and make a default route with next-hope address


    Thx all of you.
    All your advise working, right know I will decide which one will be use.

    Once again Thank You 😆

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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