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    I have had some performance issues and decided to order a 2nd VDSL 2 line.

    The setup using the following document was very easy https://www.zeroshell.org/load-balancing-failover/

    I had to play a little with my configuration. I ran out of ports so my configuration looks like this

    DSL 1 Router IPrange1 (conencted straight to my Zeroshell server)
    DSL 2 Router IPrange2 (connects to the hub in the back of DSL1
    Zeroshell server is connected to DSL1 & Network switch
    On ETH1 I did declare both IP addresses for IPrange 1 & 2
    En ETH0 IP range 3 for internal addresses

    In the rules I send all traffic from one of the servers to DSL2.
    The weight is set to DSL1 weight 5 and DSL2 weight 1. Now my load is about 50% on each line.

    The only major difference seems to be that sites take a little longer to connect and the ping’s are a little slower. beyond that nothing major

    Zeroshell is really amazing


    After running this setup for the last 2 weeks I can only say I love it.

    I have posted a blog with some stats on my web site http://wp.me/p1NCG1-hI

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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