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    Hi I am new to Zeroshell so please forgive me if I don’t explain myself properly. I have 2 cable internet connections from the same ISP which I would like to load balance. Each cable modem has a static WAN IP address and each modem has a different default gateway (they connect to 2 different ISP servers). Both modem IP addresses are on a different subnet as they have different default gateways.
    I have 3 network cards in my server (one for each cablle modem and one for local). Both the network cards dynamically get an IP address and gateway which is identical to the WAN IP and gateway on each respective modem.
    I have read the load balance setup guide but this was made for either ADSL using PPP or 3G. The problem I am having is that while each connecton is up and active I still can’t access the web when set to load balance. I have tried bridging the local to one of the cable ethernet interfaces and NATing the two cable internet interfaces (as they are on different subnets). Does anyone know how to get this working? Thanks in advance!



    Post a screenshot of the “Network” and “Netbalancer” as well as the “Nat” and the routing table.

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