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    It’s not a feature request… reason why I do not post in “feature request” forum but some idea/feeling I’d like to share.

    ZS is currently using Apache as web server (I didn’t check but will do it this evening).
    There is also a plan to implement postfix in future release.

    This will bring obviously some added value while on the other hand, it turns more and more ZS into server with end-user services compared to network box. Where to seat in the middle ? ❓

    I was thinking about something “in between”, like HTTP proxy w/o cache.

    Implementing light HTTP server like Nginx could:
    – have smaller footprint (compared to Apache) still being a bit faster
    – provide HTTP proxy and reverse proxy capability
    – provide (although I never tested this one) SMTP + IMAP + POP relay toward internal MTA or mail server.

    From there, is it possible to plug spam or antivirus service at ZS level using such implementation ? I don’t know 😳

    My goal is only to highlight that some alternative implementation may exists. Is it worth the effort ? Good question 🙂


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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