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    I need to do failover on two internet connections and I can notwork as I need, and I begin to wonder if it will be possible.

    My Zeroshell has two Ethernet interfaces: ETH00 and ETH01.
    In ETH00 ( there are several PCs and accessories, and an ADSL router (, connection through the router, but this is poor due to the distance to the telephone central and fails quite often.
    In ETH01 (Dynamic) there is a client link WIFI(AP in client mode) to connect to a public Internet service, with certain limitations but functional to surf the internet and send emails, which when accessed, redirects you to web server to enter username and password and then lets you browse as normal.

    My intention is that in normal work the computers on the network (ETH00) internet access using ADSL router ( and when this fails, the connection switches toETH01 and thereby gain access to the public system to display the login web service to start using it normally, until the ADSL working again.

    I have it set to half and more or less works, but can not get priority to ADSL over ETH01 ie ADSL is available but Zeroshell always tries to get by ETH01, but if I disconnect ETH01, then redirects me to the ADSL router.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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