is it correct to use as HTTP-proxy settings?

Forums Network Management ZeroShell is it correct to use as HTTP-proxy settings?

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    alex medv

    hello! and cheers about this truly great software!

    i’m trying to make 3g-dongle(s) based proxy with help of zeroshell, it’s installed, GUI accessible via default IP, 3g-modem added/connected and zeroshell have Internet access with it (i can see it thanks to news message on main page), and already played with 3.8.2 and 3.9.0

    i’ve read already forum and various doc’s i could find

    i’m having (silly) questions:

    – when i configure my browser (in IE Firefox Chrome) to use Proxy, should i just state zeroshell IP in it? and ports like 80 and 443

    – when i do this – trying to access any website brings me to Error page and URL-bar of browser shows https:// althrough domains and direct IP’s i try to access does not require ssl at all

    – if i do “out of the box setup” and just added 3g-modem in zs:setup/network is there absoutely necessary setting(s) to add in zeroshell setup? like in router or firewall maybe

    i know most of this sounds like total noob, but i already tried all my imagination have to offer 🙂


    alex medv

    in other words when i go to zs-GUI via it obviously goes to port 80, so probably using it for “proxy settings” is not correct as basically it proxies it to same point and shuld not work this way

    probably this is the reason of having two NIC in virtualbox setup?
    so first one used for GUI and second one for proxy settings in browsers (in my case)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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