Is HAVP stressing the CF? and what about performance?

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    Hi Fulvio and everybody, I just noticed in the havp.config file that the SCANTEMPFILE is set to a directory under the Database file-system (which resides upon the read-write partition of the Compact Flash:

    SCANTEMPFILE /Database/var/register/system/havp/tmp/havp-XXXXXX

    This seems two me that this can be an issue (actually 2 issues):
    1 – CF is known to have a limited number of writes lifetime
    2 – CF writing performance is poor, so chances are that the file handover form HAVP to Clamav will perform badly.

    I tried to bind a directory from the ram disk over this path, but then I noticed that the mandatory lock flag is needed by HAVP, and bind mounts inherit the original file-system mount flags (meaning we cannot turn on the mandatory lock flag just for this folder using mount –bind).

    As a (non-yet-tested) workaround I thought on creating an ext3 image file on the ramdisk and loop mount it with the mand flag on the folder, but this has the disadvantage of permanently allocating a lot memory for this purpose, even when not used.

    Does anybody have a suggestion on how to change this approach so that HAVP uses the ramdisk instead of the CF to handover the files to Clamav?



    Ok, I implemented, with success, the ramdisk idea:

    Best regards.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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