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    I am new to this and I don’t have much knowledge about ZEROSHELL but I have to admit the work you guys have done I have no words for it.

    Ok, my question is simple and straight forward. I would like know, can I install zeroshell on Ubuntu platfrom? Reason for asking because I would like to use same machine for web proxy (squid proxy). If I can install zeroshell on ubuntu or any other linux version then I can run squid in the back ground and forward all traffic to squid IP address which is the same machine as zeroshell for proxy caching.

    Just would like know if its possible because as far as I know zeroshell does not support web caching feature.

    Waiting for your answer.



    I will wait for the experts answer too!



    Zeroshell is a complete distribution. i.e it runs its own kernel – its its own machine. It does not run or sit on top of another os such as ubuntu.

    Consider running it as a virtual machine instance on your ubuntu machine using vmware or virtual box.

    You can then run squid on the ubuntu host forwarding from the Virtualised Zeroshell.

    Or have them both as Virtula machines on the Ubuntu host.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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