I want to install ZS on my Window 7 Ultimate Server.

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    Please I want to install ZeroShell on my Window 7 PC.The PC serves as Server in a LAN network of 16 workstations.I have already have some programs installed on this Server and also being share by other 16 Users simultaneously.So i want to have ZeroShell install on this Server to manage and control the internet connections(two USB 3G modems) of the Network.The modems are installed on the Server while other 16 PCs share it through a 24 ports switch.
    How can I do this installation on my Server without buy dedicating another PC for ZeroShell and also maintain my programs on same Server.
    Your contributions will be highly appreciated.



    Zeroshell is a Linux standalone system, you are not able to install within a windows. If you are not able to dedicate an computer to it, you should look somewhere else.



    Thanks for your answer but can it work in Virtual machine along with Windows on same physical server?



    It’s works well on a VMWare virtual Machine, but you should use it for testing purposes only.
    You should put it on dedicated hardware.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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