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    Dear all
    I would like to ask you all. Could you please advise me. How i access to some PC in my network. me & myteam block all port expect port 80, 443 , 53.. and we have 2 VLAN (192.168.0.** / 192.168.10.**) every PC in class 192.168.0.** able to access to file server ( but another Computer in class 10.** unable to access to File server how I solve this problem. I can’t remove the rule in firewall because we avoid some User download Bittorrent etc..

    If you all have any suggestion please tell me how to block them and limit speed for user (per user).

    By the way please advise me what is the port I should open for access to our File server


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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