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    Hi guys,
    After must have a subscription to use some resources addons of Zeroshell, I come here to talk about my experience with this big tool!

    I had worked with internet providers since 2002. The first soluction I had discovered was M0n0Wall, that’s based on FreeBSD. Forked from it I used also Pfsense for a long time. I used also Coovachilli in combination with them! Other options like Smoothwall, Endian, etc, etc, was not atractive for me because them was not all free.

    In my searchs I had discovered ZeroShell. Simple wonderfull e ease to use. The support to modems between others things like captive portal was the high point.
    Last year I had used Packetfence, a nac soluction. Very good also but difficult to administrate. Than I back and discover Opnsense that is the new generation of M0n0. But I now I may talk with certain knowledge that the best option for me was and continuous to be ZeroShell. That I will use to substitute Opns that frustrate me.
    Why? Because ZeroShell is based on the old and good Linux, better than any other OS; is ease to use, have a lot of resources not presents in others soluctions; its fast and objetive. Im saying it without use any addon yeth!
    Because Zeroshell do what it promise and well. Many congratulations to Fulvio. If you dont want do the stones way, starts by here!


    lala siregar

    hello delinuxer, I think you have a lot of experience in Zeroshell.
    Ehmm, Can I get your e-mail address to ask further? I am currently in the final assignment research on the topic of Zshell, so I need a lot of source references. I hope you will help me, thank you



    Hi Lala,
    Thank you for your contact. Fill free to contact me, at contato at valde.com.br.

    Best regards,



    lala siregar

    I have contacted you at valde.com.br by filling out the form. I hope you response as soon as possible. thank you very much

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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